Which nodes activite the Periodic Run Mode?





Thank you!!!

Noticed that it’s also activated by Web Request and Arduino nodes (from package Firefly)

Any idea how to keep persistent data in periodic mode? For example, I want a counter to start at 0 and each time the graph runs, it +=

Either create a total list and count seconds/milliseconds and use the length of the periodic run to get numbers indexes from the total, or use an external file (xls, csv, txt) to write the data to.

Alternatively you could try and use a custom function to define the additive variable.

can you provide an example perhaps for the second method? I tried to use an external file but anything in the graph was calculated simultaneously. So I initiated a .txt and wrote value 0 to it but within the same dynamo graph that value increased by one and got written to that same file. It got into a perpetual read-write loop and froze my computer.

@visualizor You could use the Clockwork nodes Clipboard.GetFrom and Clipboard.SendTo. Only draw back is you can’t accidentally copy any text while this is running, it will fail :sweat_smile: