Path to Keynotes/Shared Parameters, Set Project Browser Organization

Our BIM group has devoted a lot of effort to Project Startup workflows. Some of the processes we have our users go through are pathing to their own copies of the standard keynote file, shared parameter file, and finally, changing the Project Browser organization.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use Dynamo to set either the Keynote File, the Shared Parameter file, or change the Project Browser organization? We have had luck with using Data Shapes to group many of these workflows into Dynamo player, though I can’t find any nodes to hook them up to on the back end.

I have no Python experience but I’ve been looking to learn if someone can point me in the right direction.



We have our project settings kept down to a minimum.
We use packets (rvt’s) for our family’s.
Just load them in as a link and copy what you need, the shared parameters will come with it.
The parameters are guarded, all shared paremeters are monitorred.
As for Browser Organisation, we have a company setting, but we use ‘Not on Sheets’ most of the times, we sanatize our files by deleting everthing that has not been renamed (to be kept).
Instead of using a Keynote file we opted for using shared parameters called Description_1 to Description_7 in our shared parameter file, and assingn these to most all of our categories as project parameters.
We do this because we re-invent our workflows all the time and deal with the project requirements as they differ all the time.
We work for designers to make a revit file that can be made, and used for all phases, including maintanance.



Interested too!

Especially the path for the keynote file!

If you are using an RVT as your startup file, load the Keynote file but with a “relative” path and then just make sure the master keynote file is copied to the same location relative to the project file. We have an automated project setup and this is how we do it.

  1. Template File (rvt not rte)
  2. Keynote file is relative path to the same directory as the Project Model
  3. Shared Parameters file is path to a network location that is write protected so only a select few people can edit / manipulate it.

The effectively means that the template if ready to go right out of the gate and that none of the “master” documents are in danger of being edited by mistake.

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Just for completeness…

Get Path (Keynote table is an Assembly Code Table)

Set Path

Hope that’s of interest,