Parsing a Coordination Review Report

I’ve been developing some project review scripts including one based on Konrads warnings review and that is working well however I’m wondering if it’s possible to do something similar for the coordination review report? As far as I can tell the nodes Konrad has developed are specific to warnings.



Looking at this now too.
The ‘Coordination Review’ function in revit is very powerful but is time consuming to use and lacks some basic functions to do what is needed.
For example with ‘Fixtures are not equivalent’ there is no option to mass select or change them for the correct types. With ‘relative position of fixtures have changed’ there is the option to move the elements to the new position, but in typical Autodesk style they didnt quite finish implementing this function… it moves the elements correctly but sets their rotation back to the default zero degrees, ‘vertical’ in view, so its useless…

Anyone made any progress with this?

There are a few nodes to parse error reports, but none of them work correctly with the coordination review report. The Warnings.ParseHTML node from archilab manages to get some information (Warning elements) but cannot get the full error message or the families from the IDs. (See below)

I guess modifying Konrads original code to work with the CR report is the way forward…