Priority assignment for warnings

Hi All,
I am trying to extract warnings from revit and would like to assign priority(Low or medium or high] to each warnings manually using UI.I tried it using data shapes multiple input node as shown below.but its not letting me to assign priority all at once.Can anybody help.

Hello @j.sunnyT6MVA

can you please share the script,
it will be easy for us to understand, which portion of the script you are facing problem.

I am guessing, you might be facing lacing problem because you are having multiple output in Warning and one output in Priority.


extract warning.dyn (30.4 KB)

Hello @j.sunnyT6MVA

I think you script is complete,
Once you get the warning and its priority then how you are assigning that priority on the warning.
but i think you are facing lacing problem.
extract warning.dyn (37.8 KB)

this is my requirement.Alongside each warning there should be a dropdown to set its priority as low , medium or high.

Hello @j.sunnyT6MVA

As per my understanding, i got this type of results. hope this will solve your problem.
extract warning.dyn (44.0 KB)

extract warning_1.dyn (46.7 KB)


Great.Thanks…This is exactly what I wanted…