Parameters Storage Type Not Number

I’m new to Dynamo in Revit. I am trying to get parameters to export to excel and then back into Revit. I currently have everything working up to the last commend. “Element.SetParameterByName” When I click run. I get the error, “Parameters Storage Type Not Number”. And nothing updated in the Revit model from the excel file. So, I went into the excel file and changed the cells format to “text”. Still get the same error. Any ideas what could be the issue? Thanks.

More information, screenshots, etc. would be useful. This is also a good read.

Here are Dynamo screen shots. I’m trying to get the “hanger number” parameter to get into Excel. Modify the “hanger number” parameter in Excel. Then get that information back into Revit. The error I get on the last node, “Parameters Storage Type Not Number” is the only issue I am having.

@timmyt21 Introduce a String from Object node before connecting to the value port of Element.SetParameterByName


I have no idea what happened. But, I ran it a couple more times and it worked. I get a different error now. But, it makes the changes.

Hi Tim,

@timmyt21 Could you drop your files here so that we can have closer look at it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I cannot upload files. I get a warning that new users cannot upload files.

@timmyt21 Upload your files in dropbox or google drive and drop the link here.