"level" returns all unique values - why?


Hi Guys,

how can one explain this difference:

elements.Level returns 17 unique levels
elements Parameter.By.Name “Level” returns 2215 unique levels

Do you understand why?


I guess your input of List.FilteebyboolMask is 2215 elements.
The output of ParameterByName isn’t a value but a parameter.
So you get 2215 parameters.
You can convert your parameters on strings with String.FromObject before List.GroupByKey


O yes ofcourse thank you!


You can use Element.GetParameterValueByName instead to get the value.

EDIT : Added a picture


The top list is outputting a list of the levels in the project, the bottom one is outputting a list of the levels associated with the input elements. Notice how in the output of ‘groups’ attached to Parameter.ParameterByName node are all in their own separate sub-list while the Element.Level outputs one big list of all of your input elements.