Panelization + Perforation Density Based on Proximity to Sine Curves

Hello World! This is my first post and I would appreciate any guidance on how I might create a graph that combines:

  1. Adaptable sine curves across a panelized facade (please see 5SinWavesOnXZPlane_FLATadaptableSurface.dyn )
    5SinWavesOnXZPlane_3DadaptableSurface.dyn (71.2 KB)

  2. Panel perforation density & preforation radius based on proximity to sine curves (please see LightwavePanelizationFacadeSketch.jpg & AttractorInDynamo.dyn )

    AttractorInDynamo.dyn (14.2 KB)

  3. Panelization w/ adaptable dimensions & pitch angles

    Thanks for any guidance you are able to provide :slight_smile: