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Hi all,
Recently I’ve been creating tools for our production team to use on the floor.
My question has to do with the installed packages I have on my machine compared to theirs. As it stands now, we’ve either loaded packages manually or copied the dynamo folder from my appdata to the end users appdata.

Is there a feasible way to have all of our users in the office pull from one central location for installed packages so we don’t have to load them on each machine?

Thank you in advance!



Hi @dgriff

You can save the packages on your central location and modify the paths for all the users under manage and paths.



Thank you so much! This is a much faster and simpler solution.



Probably a good idea to make files in that folder read-only



i have had bad experiences with that - I believe some packages needed to have write access to the location. Instead we keep a read-only copy to restore as needed if things are broken.



Thank you for the input/suggestion! I like the idea of the read only backup copy to restore.



To roll out package path setting for multiple users, you can follow the link for the solution.

Hope this helps.


Distribute Dynamo in an organizational context

What @Kulkul wrote a year ago!!! is edting the DynamoSettings.xml in a graphical way. If a user is asking a question like @dgriff did, then you are not necessarily someone who tweaks xml files, and that is why @kulkul answer is the proper one!

Be careful replying issues with answers there is more advanced than the receiver is capable of handling!



Hi @erfajo, I agree what @Kulkul has posted solution is simple non graphical way to change setting but @dgriff has to or ask users to change path settings. If some company has 10-15 users, it could be done in an hr or two. Let’s assume if you have 120+users like us, you will have hard time updating this path on every pc. There are company that has 500+Revit users and you could calculate the man hour required to change path setting manually on every pc. My solution will help to manage and update in minutes.

Hope this justify my posting someone like me who has to manage large team. I had no intention to make this topic complicated but help anyone who search for this topic.



The oddest thing is that you replied to a post there is more than a year old… and pointing towards an article you have authored by yourself, which not really added anything to the other answers seemed strange to me.

Editing XML files is not a trivial job if this should be done efficiently, there is really not any quick fixes here if you don’t have programming skills.

I maintain all lab computers at our University pointing to the same folder on each machine since we don’t provide common server facilities for student work. All lab computers are being reinstalled once a week, meaning everything needs to be made in a way so the lab computer settings are set by programmed functions. However, the way this is done will be the exact same way you need to do it in a server located environment.

Since the XML file is user-driven this means that you need to edit every user-driven XML file. That is a huge job if you don’t know how to do this by coding. The help from your article has a very limited answer since no real implementation of this is provided. It is an answer that raises more questions than it answers.

I strongly doubt that common users are familiar with editing XML files. If they are, then they would know that this was the way to do it anyway and that it will include coding on another scale than just notepad editing for a company or server-based solution.

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Hey Mate, I do not think it is odd to reply to this thread if it is still one year old. I came to this thread few months ago and found it challenging when you have to open Dynamo on every PC and add path manually. It took me while to figure out the automated way.

I think also you have not read my thread fully or misunderstood it. If the article seems difficult to understand, my apology, I am happy to make it more simple. It is clearly mentioned that you can open XML file with Notepad++ (you can download it for free) and edit to add new line under . Why you need to have programming skill or coding for this editing? And there is no need to edit XML on every PC. We use group policy login script that copy XML file to the required location and it overwrites XML files. None of the users are required to change anything. If we move our package location in future, we just roll out the updated XML again. This had worked for us and does not necessarily work best for your environment. I believe you also have limited knowledge of commercial environment, we do not re-install PC every week.



Be careful @dhanjeet you move into deep waters… Commercial environments are my backyard. Notepad++ editing is for shortcut solutions …EOD.

I decided to make a new thread concerning the subject, this is how issues should be handled in my opinion if they are marked solved more than a year ago!
What would be applicable is… refer to other topics (this topic) in your new topic instead!

End of it is, that @kulkul did what it takes… that was the solution!

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