Override short dimensions


I saw this topic and I was wondering if we could use a script to replace only short dimensions ( like walls ) with an inivisible caracter.

I made this video to explain the concept but I’m not sure how to get the unicode caracter in Dynamo (like this blog post on RevitIq

  • Open Character Map on your CPU.
  • Search for “Zero Width Space” in the Arial Unicode listing.
  • Copy the character to the clipboard.
  • Paste it into a string node.
  • Override the dimension accordingly.

Thank you Jacob for you’re answer,

So I found the invisible caracter, now I want to get only part of the dimension and replace them… I trried with the Dimensions.Segments Node by Rythm but the type of object for setValueOverride is not the right one …

It expects a Dimension and not a System.Object

Do you have an idea on how to get only sub-dimensions from the original one ?



Not offhand, but I believe that has been discussed on the forum before.

Hi Daniel,

You can do it like that :

Override short dimensions2
Override short dimensions.dyn (9.3 KB)


Thank you Alban this works perfectly.
( Are the values converted in meters + rounded directly by your node ? Or do you get the actual value on screen depending of the dimension setting ?)

The custom node uses the settings of the project units (it converts from internal units : feets to the display units) and not the alternate units of the dimension type.

If it can helps, I made this graph to clean multiple dimension lines in one operation

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Thank you - i was looking for a solution like this for a while now, and nobody was able to provide a solution. great work !