Dimension override reset? How?

I have made this script which overrides the dimension value of a specific dimension type with a β€œX”.
It works as intended. But i struggle to make at script that revert this override back to the original value, so that the dimension is no longer overridden and display the actual value, I need to do this as part of our QA.
Anybody got at suggestion to how to do this? It might be obvious, but cant seem to find a solution :sweat_smile:
I have added the script i made for overriding the dimension, below

What do you mean exactly with reversing the overwritten information?
Because if Dynamo overwrites the current data, and you do not write it away to something like Excel, Json or CSV there is no way to get it back through Dynamo.

(At least not that i know of)

Just set the override to a blank ("").


I mean to display the dimension line actual value again instead of the overridden value (X).
The real value is still readable, but i just want to make a script that does the opposite of the one i made.
But Nick’s solution worked! :grinning:


Thanks once again Nick, it works !
Once again you saved me!

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