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Hi All,

I have written a python script. What I want is the following:
If ‘select model elements’ is not null I want to have the wall elements on output 1 and output 2 should be null. When ‘select model element’ is null I want to have the walls on output 2 and output 1 should be empty list. I think the above is a little bit confusing. But I hope the image can make it clear. I tried to write a simpe script. But I cant figure out how to apply output 2… can somebody advise me?

python output.dyn (3.9 KB)

strange stuff :smiley:
First of all dont’ do : listA = listA like in 12th line

if IN[1] is not None:
    OUT = IN[0]
    OUT = []

Hi Tomasz,

That easy huh? Thank you very much.