Is it always the case that the id from OST_Viewers is 1 less then the ID from the belonging section?.
I hope i told it right


It usually starts that way but as the model progresses and you enable worksharing or upgrade it to a higher version, it’s very likely that those Ids will change.

That is not the way that should be done, can you suggest how i retrieve the sectionview type by only the element id from ViewFamilyType


An Element.Type and Element.Parameters node?

View.Type which I believe is in the clockwork package.

I do not think I’ve told it clearly enough so I have a ViewFamilyType and I want to find the corresponding SectionView (Name = …) the only way I can currently find this is with element.name these are in both families equal . If I use the Element.ParentFamily (Rhythm) then unfortunately there is only a string value returned.viewfamily