Order Elevations in a room clockwise by points

Hi there, I have this room that isn’t exactly normal in shape as well as rooms that are basic and square shaped. I’m trying to order these elevations/points in a list so that they start from the top left and move around clock wise. Any ideas?

So it’s actually quite difficult… at least as far a I found in my testing.

Assuming all markers have one elevation only you could do it like attached. It probably isn’t a one size fits all approach, but worked well for me in testing. Detecting clockwise tends to be a challenge so I added a boolean that the user can nominate to reverse, as well as which marker to begin from.

elevation order by boundary.dyn (35.4 KB)

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Thank you for the help! it works however there was an issue with the python script getting the x y z coordinates but i just wrote a python scrip that gets the boundingbox max and min of the elevation marker and average it out.

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Yes sometimes if a point is at a Z height I just pull it down by getting its X/Y values and using the XY point construction node. Curves can be pulled to a common plane using the pull to plane node.