Open Website with Dynamo

Is it possible to have Dynamo open a website? I would like to supply a URL and have Dynamo open the default web browser and navigate to the URL.

This seems simple enough but I have not found any way to do it with OOTB nodes or packages.

Thanks in advance!

DynamoAutomation has a Process.Start node (or at least I think that‚Äės how I named it). If you supply the URL as input I think it should open in the default browser.

Hey Andreas,

Thanks for the reply! I downloaded the package but the only thing close is ‚ÄúProcess.ByPathAndArguments‚ÄĚ, which is not reporting an error but also not opening a browser.

Hey Andreas,

Wanted to post my solution here in case anyone runs across the thread. Just a few lines of Python got me there. Thanks again for looking into it!


Open Website.dyn (3.8 KB)


Thanks for posting this…just what i needed…

except that it is not working…image

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Youre missing a python module named sqlite3

yeah… the module appears to be loaded. I will dig into it a bit and let you know.

this works for me

# Enable Python support and load DesignScript library
import clr
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *



from System.Windows.Forms import WebBrowser

wb = WebBrowser()
if url :
	wb.Navigate(url, True)

OUT = url

This is great - is there any way it can open with whatever the default browser is?


Not sure but, hope this helps you.

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This very helpful, thanks