Open several dwgs from a folder in order to check layers

How could it opens/works all dwg into a folder in order to get the layers of each dwg?

I’ve been able to get de files dwg from a folder, though I don’t know how to open them and finally closing and saving them.

similar application Run DYnamo Script on entire folder of dwg's - #16 by Paolo_Emilio_Serra1

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Yes Paolo, It’s similar but I don’t need to work with any blockreference, only getting the layer’s name is enough.

What I want it’s checking them with a Excel file finally.

What I mean is for you to understand the concept explained in that post to work with multiple DWG and then customize as per your workflow.

I’m reading all the topic to understand how it works and trying to implement into my routine.

Hi Paolo,

Sorry about taking this topic so later, but job don`t leave me to take enough time.

After studying the Python code, in order to find out how it works, I have several doubts to work with it in order to split it, just for, one step, open all drawings, then keep the routine for getting the layers and checking them, and finally closing the opened documents.