Open a File in background from BIM 360 Docs

Hello everyone,
I have a project files with typical family types and I would like to publish them as a library
to do so I am trying to upload all the project files to cloud and open them in the background so that I can extract all types from the selected file and put them on a form for the user to select.
Any ideas on how to open a file from cloud in background.?

Not sure you can, but this would be an ideal use case for the forge design automation API.

This seems to be related for Revit 2019+ API.

You would need to figure out how to implement it in Python or ZeroTouch though.

I do agree with @JacobSmall here though, these background options are better done as a Revit add-in using some of the other tools available.

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Hi everyone,

sorry for replying back on this post.
I also have the same issue that I need to open a file in background from BIM 360.
@saju_autodesk, just wondering if you got any solution for it. I appreciate if you share.

Thank you.

Hi Eli, Sorry I have not tried after that point.

@saju_autodesk Thanks for replying me back.