ON/OFF Toggle for 'is Input' inside Dynamo Player

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I want to create on/off toggle for ’ is input flag’ for Dynamo player. for eg. If my value in ‘null’ I want to hide the input from the dynamo player and vise versa.

I am creating a script for assigning work sets to different categories of elements and if any of the category is not available in the model, I don’t want to show the input option for the same inside Dynamo player. Sorry if i am not able to explain my requirement as i am very new to Dynamo.Please find attached screenshot for reference. Thanks

Not possible I believe as it’s using a predefined dropdown. Maybe look into data shapes which can predefine inputs to a user interface after getting all used categories in the model (before the interface).


Thanks for your prompt reply. Let me check if i am able to find a way as per your suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Flow Mr.Gavin you can use Data-Shape or using winform.

If use Dynamo Player you can set by this:

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