Offsetting curves

Hi Guys,

New to Dynamo so please bear with me…
I cant seem to get curves to offset in my desired direction.
I have created a surface from by patch from perimeter nodes (polygon by points, surface by patch, and then surface perimeter curves. However when trying to offset these perimeter curves they dont seem to move at all.

Hello Talha,

The Curve.Offset node will offset the curves in the native way in which they are built (There is a default). In order to achieve consistency, you can use a little logic to demarcate what side the curves are in fact offset.

Below is one such way (Note: There are many ways to achieve this).

Thanks for that.
sorry I cant seem to follow this, is there a perhaps an alternate method?
Another query, I’ve got sloping surfaces, and offsetting these seem to occur normal to the slope face. Is there a way of offsetting these surfaces vertically along the global axis?

If you haven’t found a solution yet, I think you can use Geometry.Translate node.