Offset Polylines and modify the offseted polylines elevations!

Dear all,
I hope you are all doing very well. I am trying to set the following using dynamo
I have a new DWG file with one polyline projected in the DWG as a square shape.

I tried to create a script in dynamo to offset the polyline to 5 polylines in the positive direction and 5 in the negative direction ( left and right). I was able to create this script with the node-number, but I was unable to create the same script with Slider ( I always get many overlapped polylines). Is there a solution to that?

I was also trying to give these offset polylines different elevations by creating another Dynamo script, I tried to use Objectextension.GetParameters node connected to Dictionary.ValueAtKey to collect all the polylines elevations and tried to use List.Chop to have each polylines elevation separately so that I can modify that, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a suitable solution.

Any suggestion or help is very appreciated, and thankful for your tips and helps.

I wish you a nice day, and thanks for your support
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OffsetPolyLineandAddPolylines ElevationsScript.dyn (47.2 KB)

I didn’t see the dynamo file can you look at this can help you

Dear Alaa,
Thank you for the quick replay I will check Paulos e-mail and see if that could help
Thanks a lot

Hi @S.Abbosh,

I would recommend a slightly different thought process. Instead of offsetting the polyline using the PolylineExtensions.Offset node and then trying to modify the elevations afterwards, I would do it like this:

  1. Get the Dynamo geometry from the polyline (Object.Geometry node)
  2. Offset and elevate the polycurves (Curve.Offset or PolyCurve.Offset and then Geometry.Transform might help)
  3. Output the polycurves as polylines in AutoCAD (PolylineExtensions.ObjectByGeometry node)
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Thank you so much for the quick reply. I will try what you described here above and will let you know. I very much appreciate your time and your tip.

Dear Zach,
I hope you are doing fine. Thanks for your tips! I was able to realize in a simple way what I was looking for. I am sure there are many better ways to build such a script, but I am on my skills development path. If you have time, please look at the attached script, and I would be grateful if you could provide some feedback.
One point to add, I have created this script to learn how the polylines will interact when they add to the TIN-Surface as contours. The first thing that comes out is! As far as I change the axis-Slider of the offset polylines! The TIN Surface removes all these Polylines as contours and drops its elevation to zero. Is there any explanation for that?
23092022_C3D_Offset Polyline and Adjust ZAxis of each Polyline.dyn (70.6 KB)

I liked your webinar-29 very much with @JacobSmall because it was precisely the answer to my questions about learning Python. Thanks again for everything, and I want to wish you a very nice day.
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