Obtain Element After Using a Boolean Filter


After I filtered the elements of a category using a certain parameter name, I have used element.byID to obtain the element and to use it to get other parameters. As you can see from the attached screenshot, I am unable to do so. Which node should I use to transform a list of ID’s to elements?


Hasan Furkan

I do not see the usefulness of element ID in your script

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Thank you Akli. Now I do not see the usefulness as well.

I don’t think you need the Cross Product lacing either since the lists are the same length.

in a code block

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You can try the following two options:

  1. try Use String.Contains Node and after the FilterByBoolMask delete yout flatten node

  2. If you don’t need the Id Element, you can obtain directly the element with the FilterByBoolMask Node

I hope either of these two options can solve your problem!

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