Objects location

Hi Everyone,

I am new on dynamo and visual programation and I am using Revit MEP.
I watched a previous topic with a awsome dynamo graph « founationLocationMark» made by Einar_Raknes.
I tried to use the graph to locate objects (mechanical equipment and pipe accessory) with the nearest grids intersection between X and Y grids, but it doesn’t work.

I am using the last dynamo version (1.2), nodes are not necessary the same.

If any thoughts can help me, it will be very nice.


Looks like you need to install packages SpringNodes, Prorubim and Clockwork…

Indeed Andreas, thanks.
It’s better.

Could you attach a watch node to all elements of category and show us the warning message from Element.Location?

Thanks both of you,
It’s working !! :slight_smile: