Numbers to Text - Remove decimals

I’m fairly new to Dynamo and trying to convert numbers to text parameters without a ton of decimal points. You can see in the image attached. CU_LENGTH and CU_WIDTH are length parameters from the rooms (success with extracting these using Dynamo!). I’m now trying to create a text parameter than is width x length. Again some success! except for all the trailing digits (and for some reason I can’t figure out they are even inconsistent).
I’m already using Spring Number.ToString to convert the lengths to the text.
I’ve tried my friend google which has suggested String.RemoveAfterGivenCharacter from Rhythm however this particular node currently seems to be under review. I’ve also looked for Math.Round but been unable to find/install it.
Any suggestions? I thought this was going to be the easy part!!!

Of course as soon as I post I manage to solve my own problem :crazy_face:
For some reason installs have been slow on my PC today, and I did have Math.Round node after all! Now I’ve found it I’ve solved the problem very quickly!

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