Numbering beams

Hi all,

I want to number the beams according to my requirement. I want to number the horizontal beams from left to right and vertical beams from bottom to top. I have prepared the script it works fine only when the sequence of revit elements created is proper.

I don’t want to follow the sequence. I just want number the beams placed horizontally from left to right (it should first check the first top line then second line then third…so on) and I want to number the beams placed vertically from bottom to top (it should first check the first left line then second line then third…so on).

Please find the script and revit file for reference and kindly let me know the solution asap.

Beam Numbering.dyn (83.5 KB)

Hello @shashank.baganeACM ,
Sort by XYZ.dyn (45.3 KB)

I have tried to solve your problem,
1st it will sort all the beams with respect to Z (Start from 0 and increasing order)
then it as showing in the image above ( at fixed level or constant Z value) not sort the in X & Y direction and assign the number in increasing order.
and for next level (or Next Z value) numbering will start from 9 and so on

@honeyjain619 thanks for your response. But I want to sort my horizontal beams and vertical beams separately and numbers should be different. Please let me know for this.

Hello @shashank.baganeACM ,

Vertical beams means Columns right?

Yes, you can do that, both horizontal and vertical beams numbering system are different then its good, because both the independent to each other and our script for horizontal beams is already completed and with similar logic, you can modify the script for vertical beams.

Vertical beam means The beams placed along transverse direction.
Horizontal beam means the beams placed along longitudinal direction. I facing the issue in the file which I have shared. It considers the sequence of revit elements drawn. So I don’t want that. I want to number the longitudinal beams from left to right as shown in picture. I want number the vertical beams along transverse direction from bottom to top as shown in the picture shared. Please let me know what I am mission. Why it is not considering the left most part.

ok , i got it,
can you please edit this image, write it manually what was you idea solution for this beams orientation.

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Hello @shashank.baganeACM ,

I got the solution as per your requirement.
Try to understand the logic behind the script, because i did few minor modification in the previous script and the base logic is same.

Sort by XYZ_1.dyn (99.1 KB)

Can you please share this custom node ? or where can I find this custom node
costom node is not loaded.

That’s from the Ampersand package

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I saw a unresolved node in the dyn file. Is there any solution to solve this?sc


There are multiple packages who offers this node.

@shashank.baganeACM ,
I have add sticky note on topic of custom node. and total 3 packages used in this script.
Sort by XYZ_1.dyn (104.0 KB)


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Hi @honeyjain619 I am getting this error. Can you please help me out for this ? I have checked the parameter and values and elements. But I am confused why it is showing the error like this.

Its a lacing problem, change the lacing of setparameter value node from auto to longest.

Okay got it. Thank you so much.

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