Number of decimals - Output Control

I am trying to understand why I get differing results when I enter whole numbers e.g. 50 vs 50.0000 in my python script.

See below for an example (try to get the equation of a line essentially):

The above image gives me correct results, but requires me to input lots of xx.0000000.
I would like to just be able to input the number and not add .000000 to the end.

See below for where errors arise just inputting the numerical value:

Is there some additional lines of code I can add to my python script to control floating points/decimal point precision (not sure if these are the right computer programming terms, but hopefully you get the picture)?


doing this in dynamo isn’t a problem. Float / int. is handled correctly.


In python you need to trigger float if you are dealing with integers.


a = IN[0]
b = IN[1]
c = IN[2]

#whole number
test1 = a/b
test2 = a/c

test11 = a/float(b)
test22 = a/float(c)

OUT = test1, test11, test2, test22

Thanks! This did the trick.