Non intersecting Curves from list

Hi all,
is there is a way to select random rectangle which are not intersecting .

doesIntersect.dyn (14.3 KB)

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Thank you Vikram sorry but what if i want to select 5 are not intersecting

You’ll need to explain your objective better.
Preferably with a sketch / screen shot of the desired result and sample file to work with

i need to select randomly 5 or 6 from the list but they must not to be intersected .

The file I posted above should give you the list of all rectangles that do not intersect any other rectangle.
From that you can use the List.TakeItems node and specify the number of required items

thanks alot i will test it and give you feed back

Generative_Design_Testprojekt_Fragen.dyn (69.6 KB) Sat_Test.sat (112.7 KB) Sat_Test_01.sat (4.0 KB)

im not sure how this can work . if you have time plz check this out

To select 7 rectangles at the end, you will first have to obtain a list of 7 or more rectangles that do not intersect.
You’ll need to ensure that you obtain that first.

Generative_Design_Testprojekt_Fragen.dyn (56.1 KB)

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You are right thanx :upside_down_face: