Nodes that gives me the position in a list

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a node that gives me the position of an item in a list.
So the 0,1,2,3,4, etc. position.
I have 2 lists. One with true and false values and one with coördinates.
I would like to make a list with coördinates with have the true value on the position in the other list.
Hope this make sence.

Here a screenshot of the 2 lists:

The items in both lists match up. They belong to the same Revit item. No worry’s there.
I just need to know how to get the “true” coördinates from the list in order to have only these show up in Revit.
I don’t care about the “false” coördinates.

Kind regards Mike

If I understand you correctly, let me introduce you to the List.FilterByBooleanMask node:


List.FilterByBooleanMask node will do the job.

Looks like i and @jostein_olsen reply at the same time :smile:. Both answers is exactly the same :wink:

Thanks guys!

Now I’m of to search the next part: Getting the elements of these coördinates (Piles in my case) to show up in Revit in the color red.
No don’t tell me yet! First I wanne try and find it myself. If not … I’ll post a question about it. :wink:


Kind regards Mike

@Mike_Wellink First mark this post as solved and ask your question by creating a new thread. Thanks :slight_smile: