New parameter for pipe/duct that works like flow parameter


I created shared parameter and added to a pipe and a pipe accessory. I gave a value to the parameter in the accessory. I connected the pipe to accessory. And this parameter in the pipe remains 0. And I want it to work the same as for example flow parameter in ducts - it sums up the flows that are coming from the grills.

Any idea what I could make wrong or any other solution for that?
I appreciate any tips.


Pipes already have flow parameters. You’re wanting another one?

I don’t think you can create new project parameters that auto-calculate like the out of the box parameters but you could use Dynamo to transfer data between elements.

The flow parameter is the example of how my new parameter should work. I want to put Power (Wat) parameter in radiators. And this Power should work the same as flow parameter, which means: should be shown in the first pipe that is connected to this radiator and then the Power should be summed up in the main pipes. So for every pipe I could place annotation tag to see how many wats is transferred through the pipe. It is actually needed for basic calculation of pipe diameters for CV installations.

You could possibly use one of the existing parameters (Flow or Fixture Units) if you aren’t using them already. Otherwise I think you’d have to “manually” push the parameters downstream using Dynamo.

A thought:

Instead of pushing them manually, if you group them and sort them into the correct order (select by line maybe?) you could push them automatically with Dynamo with a mass addition method.

Yes, using those paramaters was my backup plan :slight_smile: I just thought that maybe there is a better solution for that. Oke, thanks for reply.

As far as I know you can’t create a new parameter to auto-sum like that in a project. You can do it within a family but we don’t have access to pipes in the family editor.

I’ve got a similar request, to determine if a second parameter could be “flowed” through the system…

In a drainage system, pipe cannot reduce size in the direction of flow (code requirement). So, I’m trying to come up with a method that will check the sizes of all upstream pipes to make sure any particular pipe segment isn’t smaller than any segment upstream (or prior) to it.

Is there a way to pass a parameter through the piping system that tracks what the maximum upstream pipe size is it might there be some other recommendations to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

I’ve cross posted here:

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