Need to delete duplicate walls

I have a ton of walls that were inadvertently copy monitored over to our project. Didn’t catch this until a few days later and a lot of work has been done in between.

Generally I don’t like automated ‘delete’ functions. Too likely that you will miss something important.

Run the warning report and export to HTML. Filter the HTML to only show stuff under the ‘walls overlap’ heading. Remove the first Element Id in each subheading. Select elements by Id. Delete the selected elements.

You may want to check for hosted elements on the IDs prior to deleting, and rehost them to the first element ID which was selected to ensure those don’t get lost.

Note that if you have other bad modeling habits in this model this type of workflow may cause unintentional data loss - garbage input produces garbage output, and that causes loss of data and having to restore from archives, copy/paste between models, or redoing work entirely.

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