Need help with the python node

Hi there,

I’m inserting and Image in all the titteblocks. The thing is that it works for one sheet and one point, but when I try to do it for a list of sheets and points doen’t work. Any help? Thks

Well there is couple of options here. First you could iterate over the input, assuming that it’s going to be a list. Secondly you could try wrapping that python node into a custom node and then use the new type casting for inputs. I believe that defining your input as var[] in a custom node input will do the trick and allow it to process list inputs. You can also look at an answer that I have posted on Stack Overflow that had a similar issue: LINK

Thks Konrad,

I’m gonna study a little bit, python is a new world for me.

Hi Konrad,

Python is too much for me right now. I’ve tried but no luck.

I’ve try the socond option too, so I did next but still doen’t work.

Hi, I’ve tried with the python, but I’m less than a beginner.