Need help with error in dynamo script


I am a student and new to Revit/Dynamo.

I am working on an assignment to understand and decipher a ready script.

Encountered an error with the script and unable to resolve it.

Appreciate if anyone can advise on the below error. Thank you!


The error itself is pretty straight forward: a specified index must be a number.
It looks like you’re trying to create a dictionary but Dynamo isn’t recognizing it. What version of Dynamo are you on and what are your inputs?

I am on Dynamo version 2.0.

I downloaded the script from the web and i understand the script is based on version 1.2.

The inputs are integers for ‘a to d’ whereas for ‘list’ I believe is the list of elements.

Dictionaries changed in 2.0. I’m guessing that’s not a valid method anymore. There should be nodes you can use to replace the codeblock.

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