Need help with Area Plan Script

New to Dynamo, but trying. Watched numerous tutorials and still haven’t found what I am looking to do which is:

  • Query all Areas in a said plan.
  • Filter out areas that have a comment of “Not Calculated”
  • Run the remaining areas (no comment) through a code block that names the areas based on size.

So far, I can:

  • Query all areas and run them through the code block that names based on size.
  • Query areas with or without comments.

I am being sandboxed big time, so I cannot directly upload a visual. I am also being told that the Google Drive link I tried uploading cannot be directly uploaded at this time. So, let’s see if a link to my original post works: NEED HELP - Dynamo Area Plan Script

I’m hoping to get this solved somehow. It’s all I can think about lately.


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