My first ZT Node

Hi Guys,
After a Couple of years of playing around in Dynamo I have started to learn C# and VS for creating my own Nodes and I am really struggling to create my first node
Its just a three line script and I could figure out what the error meant.could some one help me out.

Also suggest me some resources to start with ZT nodes.

I would suggest you watch the following videos to hopefully help you understand how to build your zerotouch node, and it seems they are trying to work form points as well.

If you click on the blue error code it will open a website that may give you a general way of getting around a issue that you will then have to try to modify to your situation.

Oh I dint declare my variable “Nw” that was the problem.

Now seems to work
Thanks a lot.

They’ve made a great getting started guide on C#, ZeroTouch and even more involved topics such as Extensions: