My Dynamo Script is not opening

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Hello ,
I ask you for my problem concerning the opening of my dynamo script!
I am the only one who cannot open it, while other colleagues, the script opens normally at home! Me the dynamo workspace opens empty as in the attached

Any ideas to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance

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Bonjour ,
Je vous sollicite pour mon problème concernant l’ouverture de mon script dynamo !
Je suis le seul à ne pas pourvoir l’ouvrir , alors que d’autres collègues, le script s’ouvre normalement chez eux ! Moi l’espace de travail dynamo s’ouvre vide comme sur la capture ci-joint

! des idées pour résoudre ce problème ?
Merci d’avance

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So when you click “file > open > select the file > hit open” it brings you to the home workspace? Can you share your Dynamo log file (shift and up arrow will bring up the console which will show you where it is saved at one of the first lines of the session).

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Hi @sofiane_chermak,
Are you trying to open a script which was created in a newer version of Dynamo? I’ve experienced similar thing a few days ago. Script was saved in Dynamo 2.12 was opened as a blank one in Dynamo 2.3.

sounds like it could be this issue:

Thanks for your feedback ,
I am new to dynamo and to this forum, and my English is not developed enough to post messages in English. I promise my next messages will be in English.
thanks again

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Here is the message that shows me!

Hi @sofiane_chermak ,

Just FYI: There is a dedicated French Dynamo forum: Dynamo BIM en français (


Thanks for your feedback ,
So we just checked our revit and dynamo versions with my college, and mine is older, so I’ll try to update my version, maybe the problem comes from there.
I’ll keep you posted on all of this!