Multiple solids into one family

I am trying to get multiple solids into one family…unfortunatly this doesn’t seem possible.

so the 3 solids from the sublist need to go in one family…i now can only get one solid into one family.
I can’t join the 3 solids into one… it gives me an error message, and i would prefer 3 different kinds of solids in the family…

it’s not entirely clear :frowning:

it will only get the first solid into the family…disregarding the others…

script…draw a spline select and runreed_b.dyn (418.4 KB)

Try using leves for geometry set it to Level 2

was hoping that it was that easy… but it only makes 3 families with only one solid

Sorry me too that makes the same mistake,
even with the Solid.Union node (two by two) it’s the same

and i have seen someone that changed the code a bit and it was possible…but he never shared what he did and he doesn’t anwser on social media…

someone must have a solution for this… I by you a few beers at BILTeur…(if you are there)


Apologies, I don’t have much time today :frowning: but @Dimitar_Venkov Springs has an equivalent node. I scanned through and butchered the python in about 10 secs…

@Dimitar_Venkov I am so so sorry!

sorryDimitar.dyn (35.4 KB)

Perhaps someone can do it properly :slight_smile:

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@Mark.Ackerley thank you so much…it works…
if you can do this in 10sec… wonder what you can do in an hour

only have a slight scale problem… the grey cube is 50x50x50 meter…LOL

reed_b.dyn (996.2 KB)
The file with the solution of Mark

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is this something in the python because i can’t find it in my nodes… i use the metric system in mm


So the original code was all built around the geometry being ‘not a list’… I didn’t have time to write it all for lists so I ditched chunks of it to get you something working…! One of those things is geometry scaling, you can see it in the Python in the original node… If you can work around it for the moment I can try and look at it in the morning, but everything is pretty busy right now :frowning:



Mark, i am already happy you are helping me with this problem. I am not on a deadline so i have some time.
If i could steal some more time of you to get this node in a proper way (with the scaling) I think we would help out more people who want this as well.
And maybe @Dimitar_Venkov could copy the code to update his nodes.

really appreciate the effort

If we want this node to be perfect, i have one more suggestion. When the family is created and you open that family and select the geometry, there is a parameter for material. It would be amazing if it was possible to connect a parameter to this parameter… Then to change the material of this family you only need to change the connected parameter. (But this is just a wish, already happy what you made so far)

Hi Arno,

It would be best if Dimitar made the updates, he’s an expert… But I’m happy to put it on the list :slight_smile:

For the material, I think it must exist in the family template… So you can either use defaults, or add them to the template. Then if you’re happy with just 1 material, you can apply it to the whole family. That’s how I did this…

I’m not sure how you would apply different materials to different geometry in the family?




Will try to contact Dimitar.
Your not following me with the materials… You can’t assign a parameter to a material if there is no object yet. You need to select the object in the family and connect it’s material to a parameter in the family… so that parameter can exist in the template, but you can only connect it when there is geometry in the family. (will try to make a clip)

Hi Arno, yes, I think I see where you’re going…

You want to be able to change the material of geometry in the family in the project using a parameter.

But if you were happy with everything in the family just having 1 material, you can set that on import.

Say a material called ‘green 1’ then you can just adjust ‘green 1’ in the project.

All you would have to do is create ‘green 1’ in your family template prior to import.

Just trying to save work :smiley: But I appreciate that it does not have the control of your request.



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Yes You are right Mark, but we are modellers we want control and if you set it to an instance parameter you could easy change the material of your family to multiple colors. Otherwise you have to make multiple families. And you would be able to schedule your materials and change them that way… It is all about control and the best way to work. But i don’t know how hard it is to program that (i think pretty hard), but this is a wish… main thing is to get the scaling right…

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Hi Arno,

Your original question was how to get multiple solids into one family. I see you found the previous discussion on this with a quick and easy workaround:

I provided some feedback on why I don’t think it’s practical to extend this functionality any further:

Both options are possible from the context of the API. I feel that, adding any more inputs and complexity to the current node would deter an already fragile workflow. Because the whole process is ran entirely in the background, I can’t rely on Dynamo’s built-in associative lacing and have to handle all of that in my script. Ensuring that the user always provides a matching list of inputs or replicating the inputs automatically will be a challenge.

It sounds like you have a very specific task in mind, that might be handled better by a workflow specifically designed around it.

Whenever you publish a package, it’s usually a good idea to keep things as generic as possible, so that you can help as wide of an audience as possible. There’s also the obligation of maintaining things and adding extra functionality usually comes with extra complexity that makes maintaining harder :slight_smile:

You didn’t really post a description of what you’re trying to achieve. Are you even sure you need to modify the node? Perhaps there’s an alternative solution that could serve you better?

@Mark.Ackerley good job. I don’t see why you need to apologize for anything :wink:


The problem i am having at the moment is that some of my solids won’t join, so i can’t get them into the node. Besides that i would be a great extra functionality (as with the tunnel clip) if you have two objects you can assign two materials… giving you a whole range of possibilities. Specially when you could also connect a material parameter to it… You could create families based on data…

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got it working with the scale node before the family node. @Mark.Ackerley tahnks for your effort.
Hope to see you at BILTeur. Would be nice to talk about this, maybe one of the @badmonkeys kan join.


That looks really nice, Arno :slight_smile:. Great job!

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