Multiple parameters for multiple elements

I have been doing this for awhile, but now I am unable to reproduce this.

As is, the parameters are correctly assigned to the elements (walls), and i am pretty sure this works for any number of parameters or elements.

HOWEVER, for the life of my children, I cannot get lacing/levels setting so that the SetParameterByName node returns the same data structure as input in Element port… I get this doubled list, by elements, but with sublists for each parameter…

Any attempt at getting the same data structure as output will result in the parameters NOT being assigned properly…

Thank you


That is an expected behaviour, you input two parameters to set, so the output must be two elements with the parameter set. Use flatten and unique items and you’ll get the original list:

I like to use “List.Combine” when wanting to set multiple parameters for select elements. Give this method a try.

Like @architectcoding said, this is the intended behavior of your nodes. If you are not happy with the output, you can either use List.UniqueItems or code the entire node in codeblock/pythonscript to control and achieve your desired output