Multiple list input for Points.SortPointsAlongCurve not under control

I have Set of points group by its z values
I like to Connect points belong to each group clock-wisely
I using Points.SortPointsAlongCurve. It works when connecting points for just one group.
But When input is list of groups, points always connected vertically.
Any solutions or suggestion? Let me know if more information is needed. Thanks

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It’s a list management issue, but you can do this faster without worrying about the list sorting.

Instead of making a BUNCH of curves, try making one polycurve though the sorted points, getting the individual curves from that, and then setting the structural framing from the resulting list.

Hi JacobSmall,
It works. Your suggestions save me a lot of effort. But I still missing something. Since the points are being obtained by intersecting a diagonal filled rectangular columns with face, I will have a lot of points that doesn’t match my z values of the intersected level elevation. I was trying to filter them out. but end up with some disappointed result by using the List.FilterByBoolMask. same thing single number input works but list input. Do you have any tricks? Thanks.

Going to need to see more of the graph, perhaps even the DYN and a sample RVT file or point list in xls, csv, or similar format.

Also this should likely be a new topic as they are rather different questions but I’ll let you decide that.

Thanks JacobSamll
That sound good. I just start a new topic about List.FilterByBoolMask than, and may be other topic about my diagonal filled column project later with the DYN and DYF files.