Multiple Corridor Surface creation (Python script)

This is related to “CreateCorridors.dyn” made by @mzjensen
See this post: Multiple corridor creation using dynamo - #23 by mzjensen

I am trying to modify this dynamo script so that I can simply create Corridor Surfaces from a given selection of already existing corridors. It seemed pretty simple, but upon running it, I ran into the problems shown here:
CorridorSurfaces - names.pdf (200.2 KB)

The Dynamo nodes all appear to be returning the correct values upon inspection after running. Yet the Corridor Surfaces aren’t being named correctly, and only the first surface is being given coded feature lines, while the next 3 are empty surfaces.

Somehow by not including the “create corridors” portion of the original dynamo script, the Python script appears to be running a bit differently than I thought.