Moving divided points on a circle

Hi all,

I’m trying to make an arrayed line sets on a circular surface but I need to make them eccentric for any step like I indicated in the sketch. I copied them on z axis but coult not give eccentricity from center point.

Thans in advance for all your helps

Work with the perimeter curves of the surface, not the surface itself.

From there you can pull a coordinate system at parameter using a range of (0..1..#1+n)+offset; where the n variable is a the number of items you want to place, and the offset variable is a parameterized value of the total curve (something between 0 and 1) which will allow you to shift the items as a group around the circle.

You can then use the array of coordinate systems to map your radial lines (or whatever else you might want to put in that location) which were originally draw at the origin with a Geometry.Transform node.

I created my surface as curve, should I follow another method? Does your suggestion work on this method?

Ah! Didn’t know you had a surface as the prior sketch looked 2D.

Instead of a Curve.CoordinateSystemAtParameter use a Surface.CoordinateSystemAtParameter. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Jacob, it works properly, I’m appreciated

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