Move collection of points by a distance 'cosine'

Hi All,

I am trying to move a set of points so that they have a ‘sine’ like offset. In grasshopper I would use a graph mapper but am unsure how to do it in dynamo. I drew in red the ‘pattern’ im trying to get at.

I attempted adding a “math.sine” into the y component, but I think my list structure needs to be flattened.

couldn’t upload the script i have so far, says new users cannot attach files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

move points_sine wave.dyn (20.5 KB)

cool, that helps get my head around it.

if i want a more ‘user defined wave,’ i’ll take the array of the curves. divide them, then with a list item select the point i want from each line and then make a nurbs curve through these points.

could you explain what the ‘#c’ is doing?

much appreciated.

Do you mean like this:

Using a simple geometric controller (the points are controlled by the user):


c is the length of the x-coordinate list
c’ helps create a y-coordinate list of corresponding length

This might help you understand…


thanks for the help. i came to this conclusion.

@dkalant Could you upload image again it is not visible.

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Hi @dkalant
That seems to be an interesting example of incremental rotation (?)
Sadly we can not see the name of your dynamo components.
Would you mind sharing it again? That would be very helpful, Thank you