Dynamo points movement

So I have this surface with multiple points. For the generative design tool I want the points to move (x or y) independently but each point can just be moved an x amount of the point next to it. Any suggestions where to look? Thanks in advance!

Are you saying a point can only move a maximum x or y distance where x/y is (presumably half) the horizontal/vertical spacing of the original elements so that no point can move beyond an adjacent point? Or is there a different factor that limits the movement? Either way you’ll likely use Math.RandomList to generate random values (0 to 1) that will then be multiplied by your allowable x/y distance.

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Thanks for the reply! Lets say they only move forewards and backwards (x or y, one of them but doesnt matter) The point moves random direction but can only be moved a maximum from the point next to it. So it has to know somehow how far it moves from the point next to it. Any suggestions? The randomizer is a good start!

I’m still not sure what your actual constraints are. If they only move forwards or backwards lets call it +y or -y because x and y makes that very confusing. You keep saying they can only move a maximum from the point next to it, but what is that maximum and how are you measuring it? If the points can move in either direction but at a capped distanced, that’s easy. If you’re saying each point is only allowed to be d total distance from any adjacent points, then that becomes quite a bit more involved. Either way, the method I suggested above is a good place to start.

I will work with your suggested method thanks. It is a complex calculation, im aware of it but I just wanted to try some things with a formfinding method. Thanks for your replies!