Move Adaptive families

Hi @ingenieroahmad and @RMohareb ,

I am using your custom nodes in order to update adaptive element locations but it is not working for me.

In red you can see old positions, green new ones and blues locations not updated:

Regards and thank you so much.

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@JMCiller ,

i can`t answer directly the question but i had to ad Autodesk, to get rid of warnings

It did not work :frowning:

@JMCiller ,

is your family hosted? what are you do exactly?

It is a hosted family but it used to work for this kind of family.

@JMCiller ,

is it placed on a level or surface?
could be familyInstanceByPoint is a better way to place it…

Hi @JMCiller

if it is hosted family in the project will not be work. can you show the family in the project?