More efficient filtering?


I successfully created a dynamo script that combines the area of doors and windows filtered by a specific parameter. This filtering parameter is called “Building Side”, which allows me to get the total area for each side of the building (example: north, east, west, etc).

However, the way I got there was quite messy and involved using a filtering node for each different value of this parameter.

In this case, I am using the ElementFilter node from the Rhythm package.

Perhaps by using lists, it would be possible to avoid using the filtering node for each different value of this parameter? I wish I could simplify this script.

Link to the full script:

Thanks in advance.

Lists should do it. You just have to use list levels to control them properly.

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Perhaps use a List.GroupByKey node instead, and processed the key values as a set list (as @Nick_Boyts mentioned), before pulling things together into the final report or sorted list.


Hello, just wanted to mention that the node “List.GroupByKey” solved all my issues and allowed me to simplify the script. Thanks!

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Can you mark Jacob’s post as the Solution above :smiley: ?