More decimal places in Point Coordinates - Read from XLS -> Connect to RSA

I need more than 3 decimal places in my coordinates.

I import the numbers from XLS, than create the points. From the points I make lines which are used for analytical.bars and they are exported to Robot structural Analysis.

Analytical nodes from the bars (from dynamo) must cover with the already existing ones in Robot.

Is the node Points.ByCoordinates coded so it takes only 3 decimal number?

Why not create the analyticalnodes directly, there is a “analyticalnode.bycoordinates” node.

Check your number format. Dynamo keeps these numbers longer than shown behind the scenes.

I see analyticalNode.byCoordinates works, but this is not the solution.

I work on lines and points in my project to create a parametric object which is exported to Robot.
Analytical nodes are the output.
I need this precision as an input.

How ever, during writing this post full content of coordinates in analytical nodes started to appear, despite dynamo points still have 3 decimal places.

But since now:

  • analytical bars DO NOT appear in Robot as before,
  • analytical nodes appear in object inspector.

It’s a mess now, restarting system do not help, will try to delete temp memory, and start the project n dynamo 2.0


Just had a look at this topic, and hope that you resolved it, but otherwise have a look at this setting: