Modify elements from Rhino in Dynamo

Hi, I’m a beginner in Dynamo. I imported curves from Rhino into Dynamo using the Rhynamo package, this allow me to have these curves as native Dynamo element if I understood well. Now my goal is to be able to modify the curves directly in Dynamo.
For example I would like to move one curve along the z axis. First I tried with the translate or transform node but it actually creates a moved copy of my original curve.
If I understood well the logic of Dynamo, I can control the position of my curve creating a parameter that corresponds to the height that I want to modify.
Is this right? And how can I do it?

Thanks for helping me.

That’s how it works. You can turn off the visibility of the original curve.

Assuming I understand you correctly, it’s possible
To help others understand better it would help to try explaining with graphics / sketches / images

Thanks Vikram, I’ll do.

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