Modifing light parameters for Lighting Fixtures

Hello Guys, has anyone managed to modify these parameters (Initial Intensity, Light Loss Factor) through Dynamo? Are they modifiable in any way?

I tried to find as a parameter and as a Built-in Parameter but It is not there :confused:

Hi Luisa

your Dynamo graph is getting light fixtures (instances), so you get instance parameters
You need to get the light fixture types, then you’ll get the type parameters

It is the same principle for setting the parameters

Gratitude for the answer @Andrew_Hannell! Now I realize that the question was really stupid :sweat_smile: But I had never tried to change parameters that are accessed by a button (as in the image I sent) I thought that was the problem

no such thing as a stupid question…

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Hey @Andrew_Hannell , I just realized that actually, I’m still not able to access the data. Even tried with the same family you did but could not make it work.

Get Type Parameter (archilab) say:

“Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 71, in
File “”, line 40, in ProcessListArg
File “”, line 40, in <lambda$220>
File “”, line 53, in GetParamValue
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘Parameters’”

Any idea how to solve it? were you able to change the parameter without problems?

It’s a little confusing cause the values you’re looking for are actually separate parameters. If you click on the boxes to see where those values come for, you’ll find the parameters you want. Total Light Loss Factor will give you the value shown for Light Loss Factor and Wattage and Efficacy will give you the values shown for Initial Intensity.

I’m so grateful for this help! Thank you very much @Nick_Boyts @Andrew_Hannell

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