Modification of Dynamic Block Properties by Dynamo C3D

On the attached capture code of Dynamo for C3D, I try to place the dynamic block properties inserted into C3D model space block. I try to organized the data input by Excel. The order of data is match with data value as shown in node BlockReference.DynamicPropertyNames. After running, it’s error with indication that some element of list of Block is null!.
Please recommend how to solve this error.
To be very thanks in advance.
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I am having similar issues with the Dynamic Block Properties in Civil 3D. It would be great if someone has some examples of how to use the OOTB nodes.

@rodney.bernard - the OOTB node for getting the block references of a dynamic block has a shortcoming in that it does not handle anonymous blocks, which is what happens when dynamic properties are used. To get around this I asked Paolo to add a node to the Civil 3D Toolkit to get the dynamic block references of a block. Here’s an example of how to use it.

DynamicBlockExample.dwg (394.3 KB)
DynamicBlockExample.dyn (16.9 KB)


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