Model Lines to Topography Problem

When l have certain model lines and certainly more than 3 model lines, Dynamo (due to me likely), adds additional linework upon the topography.

How can l create as many model lines as l like, that are joined and relate them to the topo, then populate successfully an adaptive component?

I am practically there and it works for a single or 2-3 lines, but not watertight workflow, so l must be missing something.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Try fiddling with the working range

Hi Marcel,

What is the working range in terms of this scenario?


I found the working range and testing now.

I changed it from ‘medium’ to ‘small’ and appears to either to be taking much longer or has crashed.

Can you show the graph with all previews enabled?
My first thought was that the points you have created are very close to each other.
Setting the working range has some effect on the calculations done.
Another way around that is to scale the lines, do the thing that needs to be done and then scale it down again.

Hi Marcel,

The error seems to occur when l have a straight and a radius, then it cannot cope working how to resolve multiple curves…

Have a look at this thread

I have tried all of the suggestions, sadly none worked. Many thanks though.

Without seeing your graph, it was the best i could do.