Mirroring Sheets w/out Mirroring Full Project

I work for a production home builder and we constantly get requests to mirror our projects for full flipped CD’s. Some communities require these for permitting so there’s no way around it and no, they won’t accept dimensions that read backward/upside down. We model full master-set Revit files that contain every option for our plans and full ceiling/roof framing so the files can get pretty heavy. We’ve been using the built-in Mirror Project but IF it even works it can take anywhere from 10-60 minutes to run and there’s still a lot of clean up involved to getting the sheets print-ready. The company is moving away from AutoCad as soon as possible so I need to move forward with a Revit or viewer-based solution. We only work in vector and are currently using DWF but we will shortly move to all vector PDFs for sets.

Here’s a few things I’ve been brainstorming and would love any input on how to achieve any of these:

  1. I know you can print to vector PDF and do mirror output with postscript, but the text is all upside down and backwards. Is there a way to keep the text readable with any viewer software? We currently have bluebeam and autodesk design review, but are open to others as long as the output vector DWF/PDF can work with the programs we already have.

  2. Could Dynamo be used to mirror just the views on the sheets so when exported they’re correctly on the title block and all the text/dimensions are readable?

  3. Is there a way to “freeze” the orientation of all text/dimensions in a mirrored way (ie. all horizontal read upside down and all vertical read backwards) so that when postscript mirroring is used the drawings are still legible?

  4. Could dimension strings be flattened/converted to detail lines and a specific generic annotation family for all length texts > The GA family doesn’t have “keep readable” turned on > Then run a script to mirror that specific GA family on itself across the entire project > Now this could be published as mirrored in postscript

Any thoughts or solutions are much appreciated!

I would use cad to mirror views and imports back to sheets as linked views

That’s not an option for us as we are getting rid of AutoCad asap.