Minimal functioning Wall.ByFace example

Hello! I was wondering if anyone can share a functional Dynamo script (or just a screenshot) where Wall.ByFace is invoked and actually does something!

Reason I’m asking is I’m at my wits end as to how to get it to work. I try feeding it an ordinary surface (created, e.g., with two lines) and absolutely nothing happens.


Here’s a forum result…

So, a key principle is that the surface used to create the Wall.ByFace must have a Revit ‘Reference’.

This is only created by Revit once the surface creation transaction is completed.

That’s why you see a ‘Transaction.End’ node in the example graph, it forces the graph to execute as 2 transactions rather than the typical 1 transaction.

When the 2nd transaction starts, the surface exists in Revit and now has a Reference which can be used to create the wall.

Hope that makes sense!


I tried this, but still nothing:

@Mark.Ackerley can you help?


You need to create an element in Revit, the example uses a node Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry…

Hope that helps,


Hello @dmitriZTSCC …here is a way if you are in 2022 it works the same way as Marks solution, but springs family instance node doesnt work in 2022, thats why i use this one here from Synthesize…anyway keep in mind wall by face can only be modified by its mass…