MidPoint Polycurve

Can somebody let me know how to get the midpoint of the polycurve with many vertex? The node Point segment length takes por each segment of the polycurve, but the ouput should be only the mid point of the whole line

try this

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Careful with this. Parameterization doesn’t work that way for non-uniform curves - add a spline into the polycurve and you’ll see what I mean. I’ll try and post an animation illustrating this point later.


Yep, I second Jacob. Have a look here for a good overview on curve parameterization: https://ieatbugsforbreakfast.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/curve-parameter-space/
Basically, never assume that using equally spaced parameters (Ie 0, 0.2 ,0.4,0.6 etc) means that they are equidistant. Like pic below. (Taken from another, unamed software! :wink: )